How To Become More Positive

As Albert Einstein said: “You can not solve your problems with the mental attitude that created them.” There are many methods of personal development to progress towards happiness, yet most of these fail in practical application and result in poor results.

It is a bit ‘what often says the Law of Attraction: a positive attitude can open unexpected doors and roads. Yeah, but how can you learn to have a more positive attitude?

Often the methods to develop a more positive attitude do not take into account the mental aspect of personal development, leaving aside the physical aspect: they ignore that man is body-soul-mind and that it is not possible to develop one by neglecting the other. A certain number of methods for the development of a positive psyche forget that it lives in a body that exerts a great influence on the state of mind and vice versa.

To understand this point of view, suffice it to mention the existence of psychosomatic illnesses which, after being denied and even ridiculed and despised by official science, have been of interest to better-reputed researchers for a few decades. By definition, psychosomatic illness is characterized by mental (psychic) ​​influence on the body (soma).

That is, many physical illnesses are a consequence of adverse mental states, depressions, stress and moral suffering. A cause-effect relationship today recognized. Thus, people with good health are frequently cheerful and advance more quickly in the pursuit of happiness than others, since they possess a mental vigor and a physical form indispensable for facing and winning the trials of life.

It is a healthy and necessary habit in the existence of anyone: the sporting practice causes, in fact, the production of endorphins and norepinephrine, hormones that help to strengthen not only the body but also the mind or you can get more info at musikji. Endorphins are called the hormones of happiness because they are at the origin of our good humor, positive thinking, and optimism, essential ingredients to develop a positive attitude quickly and efficiently.

How can one think that it is possible to know happiness if one’s nature always tends to anxiety, anguish, and gloomy thoughts?

Endorphins provide useful weapons for the pursuit of happiness, and the norepinephrine fights against depressive states, bad moods, and pessimism. How to generate them then? Anyone can do it personally in a natural and free form: physical exercise.

Did you expect twisted formulas, magic potions? No, it is enough to move. Nothing could be simpler and healthier: walking, running, climbing stairs, going to work on foot, playing tennis, as long as it becomes a routine that gives us a solid body in which to harbor a strong mind to learn from each of the stages that lead to the desired life.

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Top 10 New Super Slim and Best Laptop 2017

The Super Slim Laptop – Well there’s only one of Ultra’s best thin laptops for a while and that’s none other than Apple MacBook Air. But as we know, there are many people around the world who still prefer Windows over Mac and what if they are looking for some thin or slim laptops?

You do not have to worry about that because there are many top brands that have recently launched the best ultra thin laptops. Anyways, this article will surely help you figure out the best slim laptops in the market so you can have more space in your bag. So let’s stop wasting time and get started with 10 Super Slim and Best 2017 Laptops that you can buy at an affordable price.

10. LG P430

This is an ultra portable laptop from LG that is very thin and made entirely of aluminum. It contains an i7 core processor which is the latest CPU on the market and probably the best. Yes, I know this laptop has not been released yet LG has announced most of its specs like GeForce GT520M GPU. Almost everything on this super-thin and super light laptop includes its bezel, screen and body. So if you are really looking for a powerful and thin laptop and can wait a few months to let go then this ultrathin 14 inch laptop is for you.

9. MSI X-Slim X370

It is one of the most affordable thin laptops but the only problem is that it is slightly overweighed. The performance is definitely great in this ultraportable laptop due to its AMD Fusion processor. Battery life is much appreciated too which is about 8 hours and it’s not really bad for 13-inch ultra-slim laptops. The specs also perfectly fit the price like 4GB DDR3 RAM, 500GB hard drive, AMD Radeon HD built-in graphics, 1.3 MP webcams and all the other usual features including Genuine Windows 7.

8. LG P530

Well, another portable and ultra slim laptop from LG and this one is very similar to LG P430 and almost all of their specifications are similar. The only difference between these 2 laptops is the screen size, the LG P530 has a 15.6 inch display screen and the LG P430 has a 14 inch screen. And a slight difference in weight as well, other than that both are exactly the same type of laptop. I am pretty much convinced that both laptops will compete with ultra thin Samsung and Apple laptops because of their thinness and powerfulness.

7. Toshiba Portege Z930

Toshiba Portege Z930 is one of the best and thinnest laptops. There is no 13-inch laptop light like in the market and has a great battery life of 8 hours. It’s perfect and robust according to price plus it has a comfortable keyboard, solid body and ultimate portability. There are 2 types of Toshiba Portege laptops you can get and their specifications: i5-i7 core, 128GB SSD, 4-8GB DDR3 RAM, Fingerprint scanner and Backlit keyboard. This one is really well-liked for college students or weird entertainment and is perfect for business professionals.

6. Dell Adamo -Like Mystery Ultrathin Laptop

A luxury ultrathin laptop from Dell is declared a MacBook Air Apple killer. Dell is ready to compete with Apple MacBook Air once again and this time with bigger screens and better performance. I’m sure this will be a big hit because there are a lot of people out there who are looking for an alternative to MacBook Air with Windows. Yes, this laptop can cost a little more than $ 2000 but hopefully it will be the best on performance. We’re not really sure about the processor yet but according to the price it will definitely have a little core i7 processor.

5. Acer Aspire S7-391

Well, this one is an ultra thin laptop very different from others on this list. Yes, you guessed right; Acer Aspire S7-391 is an ultra touch screen notebook by Acer that is ready to hit the market. The best thing about this laptop is its sleek and durable design, perfect audio quality, a 1080p touch screen and comes with a genuine copy of Widow 8. The specifications of this laptop are regular and worth the price, it comes with an i7 core processor, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 256GB hard drive and costs around $ 1,600.

4. HP Envy Specter

Well, if you have checked my previous post best laptops for school kids and best third generation i7 core laptops then I am sure you should be familiar with Envy HP laptops and HP Envy Specter is part of that series. The price of this perfect and sleek laptop is set to $ 1,000 and it is a very solid laptop. It is mostly known for its sleek design, perfect audio quality, and full day battery life. Other specifications of the HP Envy Specter are the core i5, 4GB DDR3 RAM, 128GB SSD Samsung and comes with Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements installed in it.

3. Samsung Series 7 Chronos 17

This one comes with a bright real HD display and JBL speakers. This is one of the latest Ultrabooks launched by Samsung for customers and they claim it will be the best performance of Samsung laptops. Now, it is known for its attractive design, large screen display, long battery life and strong overall performance. The fully up to date specification of this ultra-thin laptop has an i7 core processor, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1TB hard drive and NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M. What more do you expect from each laptop? Samsung has given almost everyone a desire in this laptop. Read Also Toshiba Laptops Cheapest and Cheapest Price of May 2017

2. Lenovo ThinkPad T430S

Lenovo ThinkPad is definitely one of the best products ever made by Lenovo and this time has everything you’ll ever need at a very affordable $ 800 price. It is very popular right now and the reason behind it is definitely its long battery life and overall performance. It comes with an i5 core processor that can upgrade to i7, 1GB VRAM and 500GB hard drive.

1. Apple MacBook Air 13

Yes, this one could be a bit more expensive and out of your budget but definitely worth the price. This new MacBook from Apple has broken almost all records in the Laptop industry with its 13 Retina notebooks. It is known for its HD Retina display, good battery backup, loaded with apps for Mac, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 128GB hard drive and for being ultra-thin.

In case you’re confused about which Laptop I’m talking about then let me omdimas clear things up here, I’m talking about a new 13 “laptop that was launched recently by Apple and not the one that was launched in 2008. It’s definitely a lot better than Old version and heavy also very impressive size.

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How to Clean Your Ear Correctly

How to properly clean the ear is apparently not difficult, but many people do not know the correct method. The ear is the sense of hearing for humans and other living things.

Therefore, because of the importance of ear function for humans, we are obliged to maintain and care for it to function properly. One problem that is often experienced is the accumulation of dirt on the ear, well the dirt must be cleaned frequently so that the ears remain clean and do not cause other problems.

People often clean their ears by using a cotton bud, when in fact this is not recommended because if the use is not correct it will make the dirt not come out but it will settle deeper into it. If you still want to use a cotton bud to clean your ears, you should use it properly and carefully.

Actually there are easy and correct ways to clean the dirt on the ear, namely:

By using drops sold in pharmacies

The correct way to clean the dirt on the ear is to use a dropper that is sold at the pharmacy. Now circulating drops that function to clean the ears. Then choose drops that are sold in pharmacies and you can also ask how to use them.

Using salt water

Besides the first way, the next way to clean the ears is to use salt water. The method is also very easy, Mix salt water with warm water, then prepare a round cotton. Mix the salt water evenly, then dip the cotton that was prepared earlier. Tilt the head to the right, then drip salt water using the cotton that has been dipped earlier, then tilt your head towards the opposite. Wait until the salt water comes out with the dirt. To get good results, this dish repeats until the dirt is completely gone.

Clean ears and free from dirt stools will make your hearing normal and there will be no interference. Don’t make it wrong to clean it, don’t let it make a new problem in your ear if it’s not done the right way.

That’s how to properly clean the deposited earwax. Hopefully this article is useful for all of you, good luck !!!

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Health Resources Originating From Nature

The determinant of health is ourselves, which is enough to pay attention to the food and drink intake that we eat. Concern, commitment and intention towards us are the main factors.

Health is actually not expensive, nature has provided in the form of vegetables and fruits depending on how we process it properly and correctly so that we avoid substances that are not good for the body.

Vegetables and fruits are very good for health because many contain active antioxidants which are very important for us. this substance will help the body function to work more optimally for more benefits including healthy, youthful and attractive appearance without us operating or incorporating chemicals into the body which will actually spur various degenerative diseases.

Applying a healthy lifestyle is quite simple including creating a comfortable lifestyle away from cigarettes, alcohol, avoiding instant food, junk food, preservative foods or high-fat foods. Return to nature because nature has provided our various needs for a healthier life.

Caring for ourselves and adopting a healthy lifestyle will have benefits for our body, namely:

  • Can be positive and healthy.
  • Have a healthy appearance.
  • More confident.
  • Can sleep well.
  • Can work more optimally and improve performance.
  • Feel peaceful, comfortable and peaceful.
  • Save on health expenses.
  • Avoided from illness.
  • Get life and good social interaction.

Wow, it turns out that nature is so good for our lives. I hope we can process it well so that it can benefit the body.

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Benefits of Olive Oil

Olive oil contains benefits that are very extraordinary for the health of the human body, this is evidenced by the use of these oils in ancient Egypt until now. for health, olive oil can help digestion and the disposal process in our body.

Besides being beneficial to the body, olive oil is also beneficial for maintaining beauty, this is because olive oil has useful fatty acids and antioxidants. In addition olive oil can also be used to strengthen the taste of cuisine.

Here are other benefits of olive oil:

  1. Lowers cholesterol levels
  2. Strengthens the gall bladder
  3. Lowers sugar levels in the body
  4. Reduces stomach acid ( use for 1-4 is taken by mouth )
  5. Eliminate spots on the face
  6. Remove wrinkles
  7. Protect from bacteria
  8. Prevent hair loss ( for 5-8 by applying it )
  9. Of the various beneficial ingredients, olive oil can be used as an alternative medicine for various diseases.

Besides the benefits above, olive oil is also very useful for:

  • Breastfeeding mothers
  • Improve the child’s immune system
  • Improve liver function
  • Rejuvenating cells
  • Prevent intestinal inflammation
  • Prevent and treat ulcer disease

Those are some of the benefits contained in olive oil, may be useful for those of you who are looking for information about olive oil.

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Causes and Ways to Treat Insomnia

Imsomnia or insomnia is a disease caused by several things, including:


If someone experiences stress, it will cause the mind to be less focused and can cause the mind to become tired, this is what causes imsomnia.


Consuming alcoholic beverages can also cause the disease.


Because of hunger, a person’s concentration becomes disturbed and can cause insomnia.

Too full.

Apart from being hungry, satiation can also cause insomnia. So when you want to sleep, your stomach should not be empty, but also do not overdo it.

Imsomnia can cause several other health effects, such as:

Physiological impact.

This is the impact of stress.

Psychological impact.

Can cause decreased body resistance, loss of concentration and can interfere with memory.

Social impact.

Imsomnia can interfere with your activities with the environment.

There are several ways that can be taken to treat the disease, namely by medical and natural methods. The medical method is that you can come to the hospital to ask about it. While the natural way is:

Stay away from alcohol.

Alcohol is not only useless but also prohibited by legal and religious norms. In addition, alcohol can also cause imsomnia.

Reduce caffeine.

We have often heard that caffeine in coffee is a friend for patrons or people who like to stay up late. From this point it is clear that you have to reduce it if you want to be able to sleep well.

Avoid stress.

Maybe everyone is destined to have problems, but it depends on us that the problem does not cause stress.

Regular exercise.

With regular exercise activities, the flow and circulation of blood to the body becomes smooth, so that the body becomes fres and fit. This can dispel imsomnia.

Do not sleep in hunger or fatigue.

It aims to provide a comfortable effect during sleep, so that the quality of sleep can be maintained properly.

Take a warm bath in the afternoon.

This can be to relax your body for your activities all day.

Those are some of the causes and ways to treat imsomnia, hopefully it will be useful for you

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Tips For Fried Bananas Crispy, Tasty And Attractive Appearance

One fried menu that is liked by all people is fried banana. Many fried bananas are sold on the roadside with other fried foods and are often found in the afternoon. Fried bananas can also be made by yourself with good steps so that the banana fried food tastes good and looks attractive.

The types of bananas that are good for frying are horn banana, jackfruit banana, uli banana, and kepok banana. Actually, among all the bananas, the horn is the most expensive and tasty. But people often use kepok bananas to be made into fried bananas. The right banana texture is an old banana with a non-hard texture. Avoid bananas that are too soft because bananas like this have a lot of sugar so they will make fried bananas easily burn and absorb oil.

To coat it, you should use medium protein flour and add baking powder or whiting water to make the fried produce crispy. Using rice flour can also be used but it must be eaten directly when it’s still hot because rice flour tends to be hard when it’s cold. Adding small amounts of sago flour to a solution of flour or rice flour can also make the banana crispy, adding should be just a little.

In order for fried bananas to have an attractive appearance, you should add sugar to the flour solution. Sugar can be used for sugar, combed brown sugar or flour sugar. Keep in mind the addition of just a little or enough sugar because the flour solution is given too much sugar if fried will quickly burn.

After being fried it is good to position it so that the banana is really thin.

Those are some tips to make our fried bananas delicious, look attractive and if sold are in demand and are liked by many buyers. May be useful.

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Natural Ways to Inhibit the Growth of Uban

The reality is that many teenagers are still in junior high school, senior high school but their hair is gray. Even if it’s seen from a young age it’s a sign of unhealthy hair. The hair on our head has roots that contain small structures called follicles, where these follicles contain melanocytes which produce the melanin pigment which affects hair color. Generally, age signs for gray hair are old but in reality.

Changing hair color from black to gray or white is caused by several factors, namely age, genetics, frequent smoking, and stress. Most people if gray hair grows it will pull it out, as long as we know that the gray hair actually removed can stimulate the growth of more gray hair.

To inhibit the growth of gray hair can be overcome by natural means such as:

  • Provide one glass of green coconut water in dewdrops for one night, then mix a little salt, apply to the roots to grow hair evenly once a week.
  • Provide one tablespoon of papaya seeds and coconut oil to taste. Papaya seeds are dried in the sun to dry and then fried until charred, finely ground and mix coconut oil to taste. Apply evenly to hair that grows in gray once a week. To get maximum results, it must be done regularly.

To blacken hair can be overcome by:

  • Cut banana trees and banana tree bulbs in the hole, tomorrow will release water, water is used to smear hair. Surely the hair will be black.
  • Also take dried duku seeds, fry without oil, mash finely like coffee powder. The way to use it is to take one spoon, add enough spoon oil, then make it polish the hair. Leave a few hours and shampoo. Do it one month twice.

That’s the way that gray hair is blocked. better to prevent than cure. May be useful.

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Various Benefits of Green Tea

One type of drink that many people like in Indonesia is a drink derived from basic ingredients of tea that has undergone a process so that the oxidation of polyphenol compounds in tea leaves can be utilized.

In the past tea drinks were only made from original tea leaves, but along with the development of the present tea drinks are made from various kinds of materials such as tea from jasmine flowers, rosalla flowers, from roasted coffee leaves and so on.

Original tea from tea leaves if processed can be various types of tea namely green tea, black tea, or white tea. Among the types of tea that have many benefits, namely green tea. According to wikipedia Green tea is the name of tea made from the leaves of tea plants (camellia sinensis) which is picked and undergoes a heating process to prevent oxidation, or it could also mean the drinks produced from brewing tea leaves.

Green tea compared to other types of tea has the privilege of containing Catechin Polyphenol which is a type of antioxidant that is very strong so it can suppress the growth of cancer cells, without damaging healthy tissue. It is also known to be effective in reducing LDL levels and improving abnormal blood clotting properties.

Other benefits of green tea include:

  • Can reduce cholesterol levels.
  • Reducing the risk of stroke, slowing down aging
  • Slows down aging, prevents osteoporosis.
  • Reducing the risk of arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Helps to lose weight.
  • Reducing the danger of smoking.
  • Able to prevent food poisoning.
  • Can prevent and reduce high blood pressure.
  • Reduces stress, prevents shortness of breath.
  • Helps the body fight viruses (such as the inflienza virus).
  • Can inhibit decreased nerve function.
  • Eliminates fatigue and fatigue.
  • Able to prevent cancer.

That’s the variety of properties of green tea. May be useful and you can get more information from this site.

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Recipe for Vitamin Rich Popsicles

The condition of the day that is so hot and enjoying cold drinks or ice will definitely be very delicious. Enjoy various kinds of cold drinks such as ice cream, ice cut, ice puter, popsicle etc. those sold on the roadside sometimes do not meet health requirements because there are sellers who use sugar plus sweeteners that are not safe for the health of the body.

The only way to be able to enjoy Popsicle but guaranteed health is by making it yourself. Popsicles are very rich in vitamins because they are made from various kinds of fresh fruit.

Here’s an easy recipe for making Popsicles:

Loli Ice Recipe


  • 1 pineapple
  • 6 strawberries, sliced
  • 5 kiwi fruit, sliced
  • 6 grapes, slices
  • A little lemon juice
  • 10-15 ice cream sticks
  • Lollipop ice mold

How to make:

  • Peel and clean the pineapple, then cut into pieces then blender.
  • Various pieces of fruit that have been cut into place in the mold, add pineapple juice and squeezed lemon juice to approximately 1/2 cm from the mold.
  • Put it in the freezer until it freezes for about 1-2 hours.
  • Insert the ice stick into each mold, place it in the freezer for several hours (about 3-5 hours) until it freezes.

It is not wrong to eat Popsicle as above because each fruit contains different vitamins such as:

  • Grapes contain vitamin C and red grapes contain iron, potassium, fiber, and abundant antioxidants.
  • Kiwifruit is rich in vitamin C, twice as much as oranges. Kiwifruit is also a source of magnesium, potassium, and vitamins A and E.
  • Strawberries are also a source of vitamin C and antioxidants.
  • Besides being rich in vitamin C, lemon juice is also a source of vitamin B complex, such as: thiamin, vitamin B6, riboflavin, and pantothenic acid.
  • Vitamin C works for the formation of collagen, increases the immune system, and helps absorb iron. The imbalance of vitamin C in the body can cause several health problems, such as: joint pain and anemia.

That’s the recipe for vitamin Popsicles that are rich in vitamins. Make it easy to make it? May be useful.

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Education Caring for Genitals That are Important for Children

Hygiene care education is one of the important sexual education materials for children. Even if children don’t ask questions about sex, parents need to explain. In general, it is not possible for children not to ask questions about sex because basically children have a large annual kengin taste. It’s just that maybe the question isn’t directly on sex issues.

The following tips for caring for genital hygiene are important to teach to children:

  • Just use a little soap and clean water when cleaning. Clean every time you urinate or defecate. It is better to use special soap for the genital area so as not to cause irritation.
  • For girls, how to clean properly is to clean the genitals from the front to the back to prevent the transfer of bacteria or germs that are in the anus to the genitals which later can cause infection.
  • Also make sure the folds in the area around the genitals are washed away every time you urinate.
  • For boys who have not been circumcised (circumcised), clean the genitals that are still covered by the skin cover (foreskin) at the tip of the genitals because in that section is always covered with white matter. If the area is not cleaned it can cause an unpleasant smell, it can even be infected.
  • Dry the genital area every time after cleaning after urinating or defecating to avoid moisture that can cause mold.
  • Change underwear regularly at least twice a day or when it is wet or exposed to dirt spots. Avoid wearing underwear that is too tight because it makes the surrounding blood circulation not smooth.
  • Never spray perfume on the genitals because the ingredients contained in perfume are very dangerous and can cause infection.

That is the education of caring for genitals that are important for children. May be useful.

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Tips for Choosing Toys for Your Little One

The form of parental love for the baby besides giving good parenting also gives something that is considered able to make the little one laugh. No other than buying a toy to entertain his baby. Besides toys can also stimulate growth.

In the market, there are many types of toys for children ranging from toddlers to children. Starting at a cheap price up to the price of skyrocketing.

For ordinary people, toys are only used when the baby is fussy, but as long as you know the toys for your little one have more benefits. Before buying toys for your little one, it would be good to note the following tips:

  • Safe for your little one, such as made of plastic, does not contain poison, is not easy to peel, is not damaged, is not small in size, does not contain small parts that are easily placed by the baby.
  • Don’t choose because the price is expensive, but choose because it can be beneficial for the baby.
  • Buying toys should match your baby’s age and ability. Usually already listed in the outer packaging.
  • This concerns the baby’s motor and cognitive readiness in utilizing these toys.
  • Buying toys should not be one type, but different. Need to know, the more varied toys will be the better for baby development.
  • We recommend that you choose a multipurpose toy, which is a toy that is able to sharpen all or more of one baby’s senses.
  • And it would be nice to accompany your little one while playing.

That’s the tips for buying corn so that the toys we buy are useful. Hopefully the tips above are useful.

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