Latest Laptop Price about $ 700 With High Specifications

Gaming Laptops – Competition in the field of technology now increasingly higher, by the end of 2017, we will be challenging to know what type/type of laptop that will be launched by some laptop or notebook vendors in the world. Undeniably if one day there will be a notebook that has a feature outside our shadow. The reason In the field of Smartphone itself has launched one of the first Smartphone by ASUS in the world by using 4GB RAM Memory Asus ZenFone 2 which is the regeneration of the previous series.

Series before ZenFone 2, is a Samsung Note 3 that still uses 3GB of RAM. Well, this is one example of technological goods that increasingly thun have higher specifications. Therefore on this occasion also Seller Laptops would share a little about info Laptop Price Latest Laptop with High Specifications at a price of $ 700- $ 800.

With only $ 800 of Capital, you will get the type of laptop that can be used for all activities such as heavy Gameplay, graphic design, and video editing only by using Acer Aspire E1-451G Laptop which its price is relatively affordable, ie, around $ 400 just can do activities with smooth and fast.

Yup … below there are four types of brands/types of laptops that have been classified to Notebook around $ 700 Best 2017 that you can use for your gaming activities and graphic design smoothly.

Newest Laptop Price with High Specifications at a price of about $ 700.



Core i5 3210QM 3. 1Ghz, 8GB DDR3, 750GB + SSD128GB, Bluetooth, Wifi, GTX640M 2GB, 15.6 “, Camera, Win 7 Home Premium
Price: $ 692

2. Asus PU451LD WO141G

Asus including also to the row of Elit Laptop, each product Asus go to any group. Well Asus PU451LD this is one example laptop under the price of about $ 700 that has a design is very cool and looks solid when viewed at a glance like Macbook and Ultrabook.


Core i5 4210U 1. 6Ghz, 4GB DDR3, 1TB, Nvidia Geforce 820 1GB, 14 “HD Color Shine, DVDRW, Wifi, Bluetooth, Card Reader, Camera, Win 8.1 Pro.
Price: $ 726

3. Asus X450LD-WX029D

One more Asus Laptop called Ultrabook row device that Asus X45LD entry into the laptop price list this opportunity. This notebook has no need to be clarified at length, the main one of the latest powerful laptop for you to use in any activity.


Intel Core i7 4500UM 2. 4Ghz, 4GB RAM, 750GB HDD, 2GB Nvidia GT820 VGA, 14 “Wide Crystal LED Screen, Windows 8 Pro.
Price: $ 720

4. Dell Inspiron 15Z-7537 Touchscreen

Dell also includes also the old Vendor in the Notebook and PC, cannot be harmed again how the Company’s service this one spoiled some of the wearers. Dell notebook itself also includes to the type of laptop is durable and durable, formerly has Dell Inspiron 1440 laptop, has 5th. Just give up doing his life.

Dell Inspiron 15Z is one of the best according to because starting since its expenditure has been soon many hunts. This laptop can be called High-End Class because of its specifications.


Core i7 4500U 3. 0Ghz, 8GB DDR3, 1TB, No DVDRW, Nvidia GT750 2GB, Bluetooth, Card Reader, Wifi, Camera, 15. 6 “WXGA, Windows 8. 1
Price: $ 756

Well, that’s four laptops with a price of about $ 700 the best at the end of 2017. You can choose anywhere you like. Before you come to the store, it would be nice to check the price in the laptop store around you. Because the price above is likely not the same as the state of your area. The above rates only apply to the United States and surrounding areas.

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