How To Avoid Peeling

Are you back from the sad and depressed holidays but with a color that will envy all your colleagues? Be brave, you have followed our advice and after you get back in shape and have shown an athletic body and a flat stomach like a highway you have reached a degree of tanning noteworthy (certain accomplice that cycle of preventive lamps that you made of hidden by everyone with the excuse “So I do a little ‘background!“) avoiding burns and trying to capture the best that the sun could offer you !

And now? Are you ready to fade under liters of shower water, soaps, and various foams? Of course not. With all the effort you have done you must also commit to preserving your tan, which if certainly does not scollinare Christmas could allow you to get comfortable at the beginning of winter with a perky face and less need to make up.

In this case, therefore, a fundamental precaution is to avoid peeling, because the layer of skin that is peeling, in fact, is still colored and gradually breaking away will take away all the color so sweaty!

Instructions to avoid skinning

  • First of all, follow all the tips to get an optimal tan, the right creams and nutrition are essential because they will make your tan longer lasting
  • Secondly, when you take a shower, do not rub yourself with the sponges, especially the rough ones ( which are excellent for a good scrub throughout the rest of the year! )
  • You prefer a shower to the bathroom (the long stay in the water can, in fact, help to make you fade)
  • Use suitable shower gel and shower gel (which preserve the tan )
  • Use after sun creams even when you are back from the sea and continue with the use of moisturizing and nourishing creams every time you shower or bath, because however, soft and healthy skin is the best way to be ready next year to ‘ yet another suntan!

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