How To Avoid Traveler’s Diarrhea

The traveler’s diarrhea is among the most common disorders among tourists. It is not pleasant, and that threatens to compromise the long dreamed and expected vacation.

Especially if you have chosen an exotic destination, far from our habits and our eating habits, you are exposed to the risk of bacteria and annoying inconveniences.

Obviously, this does not mean depriving yourself of the pleasure of also knowing from food the fascinating culture of the country you are visiting, but simply follow some precautions to avoid spending the holidays locked in a bathroom.


  1. Drink only bottled and sealed water.
  2. Do not add ice in the drinks and always specify in the bars and local that you want to drink without ice.
  3. Do not drink milk or eat unpasteurized dairy products.
  4. Peel fruit and vegetables if you eat them raw.
  5. Do not eat fish or shellfish.
  6. Do not eat raw meat.
  7. Consume only well cooked, still warm food.
  8. Avoid street vendors if possible.
  9. Use drinking water to brush your teeth.
  10. Always wash your hands before meals and after using the toilet.
  11. If you do not have drinking water available, use it after boiling or adding disinfectant.

Any disorder also depends on your predisposition or intestinal sensitivity, however, if you are struck to replenish liquids and minerals by drinking a lot and taking supplements if necessary. In general, the disorder should be resolved in 2-3 days. Otherwise, antibiotic treatment is required.

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