How to Makeup and Cosmetic Shopping with Save and Smart

Product makeup and cosmetics to be the most often deplete a woman’s monthly salary. When the salary runs out in the middle of the month, the edges are sorry.

For business the price is definitely directly proportional to the quality. But if the price is exorbitant, and even almost spend 40 percent of your salary, of course need to think again to buy it.

Here’s how to shop for cosmetics and makeup products in a savvy, safe, and smart manner like so that the product you buy is really worth the price and quality.

1. Priority that logo kosher

Especially for Muslims, of course when choosing beauty products prioritize the labeled kosher. The label comes from LPPOM MUI certification. This you can check on the outside packaging of the product.

2. There is a legal BPOM code

Cosmetics and safe makeup should get the legality of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) MOH RI. Make sure all the cosmetics you buy have BPOM label.

If you are unsure of the legality of the product you purchased, just check it on the official BPOM website. Enter the registration code, and later the explanation will be visible at the bottom.

3. Do not be persuaded by advertising

If you have found cosmetics that are suitable for the skin and the price is affordable, why try another one? Do not be seduced by the cosmetics advertising adventure.
Not necessarily the advertised cosmetics are better. If it does not fit and your face becomes spotty, it will definitely cost more for treatment.

4. Diligent check of product reviews on the internet

Most cosmetic brands are often reviewed results of its use by the media and beauty bloggers. So you do not miss the news about new quality cosmetics products, frequently seek information on the internet about the satisfaction of others to the product.

5. Shopping cosmetics at online stores

Buy cosmetics in online stores can also be a solution for cosmetic shopping with frugal. You can compare the price with that sold in the mall, usually cheaper.
There are also cosmetic vendors who have a physical store, but provide online stores as well. Often vendors like this provide discounts or special promos for purchases made through online stores only.

6. Do you want to shop at the mall? Use the right credit card

If you still want to shop for makeup and cosmetics products in the mall, arrange with credit card with promo program.

Many credit cards provide promos or rebates for certain products. Just check your credit card’s official website, and see which stores provide the promo terbaru.

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