Education Caring for Genitals That are Important for Children

Hygiene care education is one of the important sexual education materials for children. Even if children don’t ask questions about sex, parents need to explain. In general, it is not possible for children not to ask questions about sex because basically children have a large annual kengin taste. It’s just that maybe the question isn’t directly on sex issues.

The following tips for caring for genital hygiene are important to teach to children:

  • Just use a little soap and clean water when cleaning. Clean every time you urinate or defecate. It is better to use special soap for the genital area so as not to cause irritation.
  • For girls, how to clean properly is to clean the genitals from the front to the back to prevent the transfer of bacteria or germs that are in the anus to the genitals which later can cause infection.
  • Also make sure the folds in the area around the genitals are washed away every time you urinate.
  • For boys who have not been circumcised (circumcised), clean the genitals that are still covered by the skin cover (foreskin) at the tip of the genitals because in that section is always covered with white matter. If the area is not cleaned it can cause an unpleasant smell, it can even be infected.
  • Dry the genital area every time after cleaning after urinating or defecating to avoid moisture that can cause mold.
  • Change underwear regularly at least twice a day or when it is wet or exposed to dirt spots. Avoid wearing underwear that is too tight because it makes the surrounding blood circulation not smooth.
  • Never spray perfume on the genitals because the ingredients contained in perfume are very dangerous and can cause infection.

That is the education of caring for genitals that are important for children. May be useful.

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