Tips For Fried Bananas Crispy, Tasty And Attractive Appearance

One fried menu that is liked by all people is fried banana. Many fried bananas are sold on the roadside with other fried foods and are often found in the afternoon. Fried bananas can also be made by yourself with good steps so that the banana fried food tastes good and looks attractive.

The types of bananas that are good for frying are horn banana, jackfruit banana, uli banana, and kepok banana. Actually, among all the bananas, the horn is the most expensive and tasty. But people often use kepok bananas to be made into fried bananas. The right banana texture is an old banana with a non-hard texture. Avoid bananas that are too soft because bananas like this have a lot of sugar so they will make fried bananas easily burn and absorb oil.

To coat it, you should use medium protein flour and add baking powder or whiting water to make the fried produce crispy. Using rice flour can also be used but it must be eaten directly when it’s still hot because rice flour tends to be hard when it’s cold. Adding small amounts of sago flour to a solution of flour or rice flour can also make the banana crispy, adding should be just a little.

In order for fried bananas to have an attractive appearance, you should add sugar to the flour solution. Sugar can be used for sugar, combed brown sugar or flour sugar. Keep in mind the addition of just a little or enough sugar because the flour solution is given too much sugar if fried will quickly burn.

After being fried it is good to position it so that the banana is really thin.

Those are some tips to make our fried bananas delicious, look attractive and if sold are in demand and are liked by many buyers. May be useful.

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