Causes and Ways to Treat Insomnia

Imsomnia or insomnia is a disease caused by several things, including:


If someone experiences stress, it will cause the mind to be less focused and can cause the mind to become tired, this is what causes imsomnia.


Consuming alcoholic beverages can also cause the disease.


Because of hunger, a person’s concentration becomes disturbed and can cause insomnia.

Too full.

Apart from being hungry, satiation can also cause insomnia. So when you want to sleep, your stomach should not be empty, but also do not overdo it.

Imsomnia can cause several other health effects, such as:

Physiological impact.

This is the impact of stress.

Psychological impact.

Can cause decreased body resistance, loss of concentration and can interfere with memory.

Social impact.

Imsomnia can interfere with your activities with the environment.

There are several ways that can be taken to treat the disease, namely by medical and natural methods. The medical method is that you can come to the hospital to ask about it. While the natural way is:

Stay away from alcohol.

Alcohol is not only useless but also prohibited by legal and religious norms. In addition, alcohol can also cause imsomnia.

Reduce caffeine.

We have often heard that caffeine in coffee is a friend for patrons or people who like to stay up late. From this point it is clear that you have to reduce it if you want to be able to sleep well.

Avoid stress.

Maybe everyone is destined to have problems, but it depends on us that the problem does not cause stress.

Regular exercise.

With regular exercise activities, the flow and circulation of blood to the body becomes smooth, so that the body becomes fres and fit. This can dispel imsomnia.

Do not sleep in hunger or fatigue.

It aims to provide a comfortable effect during sleep, so that the quality of sleep can be maintained properly.

Take a warm bath in the afternoon.

This can be to relax your body for your activities all day.

Those are some of the causes and ways to treat imsomnia, hopefully it will be useful for you

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