Natural Ways to Inhibit the Growth of Uban

The reality is that many teenagers are still in junior high school, senior high school but their hair is gray. Even if it’s seen from a young age it’s a sign of unhealthy hair. The hair on our head has roots that contain small structures called follicles, where these follicles contain melanocytes which produce the melanin pigment which affects hair color. Generally, age signs for gray hair are old but in reality.

Changing hair color from black to gray or white is caused by several factors, namely age, genetics, frequent smoking, and stress. Most people if gray hair grows it will pull it out, as long as we know that the gray hair actually removed can stimulate the growth of more gray hair.

To inhibit the growth of gray hair can be overcome by natural means such as:

  • Provide one glass of green coconut water in dewdrops for one night, then mix a little salt, apply to the roots to grow hair evenly once a week.
  • Provide one tablespoon of papaya seeds and coconut oil to taste. Papaya seeds are dried in the sun to dry and then fried until charred, finely ground and mix coconut oil to taste. Apply evenly to hair that grows in gray once a week. To get maximum results, it must be done regularly.

To blacken hair can be overcome by:

  • Cut banana trees and banana tree bulbs in the hole, tomorrow will release water, water is used to smear hair. Surely the hair will be black.
  • Also take dried duku seeds, fry without oil, mash finely like coffee powder. The way to use it is to take one spoon, add enough spoon oil, then make it polish the hair. Leave a few hours and shampoo. Do it one month twice.

That’s the way that gray hair is blocked. better to prevent than cure. May be useful.

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