How to Makeup and Cosmetic Shopping with Save and Smart

Product makeup and cosmetics to be the most often deplete a woman’s monthly salary. When the salary runs out in the middle of the month, the edges are sorry.

For business the price is definitely directly proportional to the quality. But if the price is exorbitant, and even almost spend 40 percent of your salary, of course need to think again to buy it.

Here’s how to shop for cosmetics and makeup products in a savvy, safe, and smart manner like so that the product you buy is really worth the price and quality.

1. Priority that logo kosher

Especially for Muslims, of course when choosing beauty products prioritize the labeled kosher. The label comes from LPPOM MUI certification. This you can check on the outside packaging of the product.

2. There is a legal BPOM code

Cosmetics and safe makeup should get the legality of the Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BPOM) MOH RI. Make sure all the cosmetics you buy have BPOM label.

If you are unsure of the legality of the product you purchased, just check it on the official BPOM website. Enter the registration code, and later the explanation will be visible at the bottom.

3. Do not be persuaded by advertising

If you have found cosmetics that are suitable for the skin and the price is affordable, why try another one? Do not be seduced by the cosmetics advertising adventure.
Not necessarily the advertised cosmetics are better. If it does not fit and your face becomes spotty, it will definitely cost more for treatment.

4. Diligent check of product reviews on the internet

Most cosmetic brands are often reviewed results of its use by the media and beauty bloggers. So you do not miss the news about new quality cosmetics products, frequently seek information on the internet about the satisfaction of others to the product.

5. Shopping cosmetics at online stores

Buy cosmetics in online stores can also be a solution for cosmetic shopping with frugal. You can compare the price with that sold in the mall, usually cheaper.
There are also cosmetic vendors who have a physical store, but provide online stores as well. Often vendors like this provide discounts or special promos for purchases made through online stores only.

6. Do you want to shop at the mall? Use the right credit card

If you still want to shop for makeup and cosmetics products in the mall, arrange with credit card with promo program.

Many credit cards provide promos or rebates for certain products. Just check your credit card’s official website, and see which stores provide the promo terbaru.

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7 Tips for Efficient and Smart Clothes for Modern Men

Not only for women, looking attractive is also a requirement of a modern man. But in terms of clothing shopping , many men are less proficient.

Survey of British Suncorp Insurance states that men in their 20s are willing to spend more than Rp 6 million to look good. The items they often buy are shoes, clothing, and facial treatments.

Believe it or not, the figure is rated higher than women. In the same study, Suncorp explained that women spend Rp 5.2 million to buy similar needs such promo alfamart.

Shopping is not wrong, because everyone would want to look attractive, so do you. The important thing is to be wise in the affairs of shopping for fashion goods.

Although you label yourself a “modern man”, it does not mean you have to buy these things that are classy, ‚Äč‚Äčexpensive, and in large quantities. Remember, you have basic needs that must be met.

Precisely a wise modern man is a smart financier. So do not be confused, let’s look 7 tips shopping for fashion items for men a la this.

Create a specific budget for shopping

Make this budget the goal is to keep you out of shopping. Fashion products for men are many, and can tempt the faith.

Without a well-structured budget, your spending can be out of control. Try to get used to every month promo alfamidi, make a list of priority spending and determine the budget.

For example, shoes have been damaged because often get muddy. This means your shopping priority this month is shoes. Do not you even buy clothes or bags that actually not needed.

The price of his shoes should be pegged at a certain price. In order to be your reference in choosing a product later.

Allocate 50 percent of the budget for fashion items to buy work or formal clothing

You definitely want to look attractive in front of colleagues, clients, or superiors. It is not wrong to allocate 50 percent of the budget for fashion items to buy work clothes or that are formal.

In addition, shopping for work clothes is definitely more useful than casual shopping. Why? Because this is to support your activities in the office, especially when often meet clients. Shame dong if you meet clients with clothes that’s all.

If you need a reference for formal wear, try to see promo carrefour how to dress up Hollywood actors like Bradley Cooper, Jake Gyllenhaal, and others.

When choosing a shirt or shirt, choose a basic style

Clothes or shirts that are classic or plain just seem modern. For example, a white Oxford shirt can make you look elegant when in the office when combined with chino pants.

Plain color also makes you avoid the impression of excessive and timeless , aka will not look ancient. Not only that, a plain top will be more easily combined with any subordinate. So do not need to spend the boss later, right?

For the affairs of color, harga promo also adjust the body posture. If you are big, it’s good to use dark colors to make you look slimmer.

Vice versa, the tall and skinny use bright colors with little motive. Motif vertical lines seem more suitable for the lean body promo giant.

Fit is the King

Keep all the clothes you use have pieces fit and fit the body shape. Not narrow or big.

Using a tight suit can actually make you uncomfortable and otherwise not good for health. While oversize clothes can make you look fat.

Allocate 20 percent of the budget for casual wear Casual

apparel is a must-have for modern men. Casual style may be enough with polo shirts, shorts, and sneakers.

Certainly bored and tired if every day wear formal clothing. There should be times when you appear more relaxed. Make no mistake, casual style can also steal the show.

Allocate 30 percent of the budget for footwear

Shoes are also a male flagship weapon. Wearing the same shoes every day is definitely not recommended. In addition to making your appearance look boring, can also potentially make you exposed to skin diseases or odor.

Ideally, you have some shoes that use different times. Certainly formal shoes such as oxford, wingtip, chelsea and the like must be in the closet. for casual look, choose sneaker or boat shoes. Shoes boots are also allowed if you are often active in the field and has a great posture.

Shop with the right credit card

To keep cashflow , use a credit card that suits your needs. If indeed there is a free up the cost of late payment and usage beyond the credit limit promo indomaret, why not. Not that you can not discipline pay a credit card yes. But this is for precaution.

In addition, you can shop in stores or e-commerce that work with your credit card. That way, you can enjoy the promo or discount.

By using this shopping method , you are not only wise, but also smart. Therefore, do not let the wrong choice of credit card.

As a modern man, it does not mean you are only concerned with style. But it must also be smart for the bag business. Do not get broke just because you want to look cool and please visit to to get more info.

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